2020 - Staying at home

To say 2020 has thrown us some curveballs doesn't even cut it. But what we do know is, we design homewares to bring joy. We've curated a range for our stockists that not only sees the return of some of your favourite silhouettes, but we've also added some new additions.


We have been focused on designing with the phrase 'stay at home' in mind. For much of Australia, we have been in and out of isolation and spending more time than ever in our homes so it makes sense to design for just that. We continue to create pieces that encourage the user to interact practically with the design, but also in some cases we've kept some concepts decorative to spark memories of a time with more freedom.


Self care is something that we've had a true focus on and we've thoughtfully created our hand planter with this sense of grounding. To be able to engage with a piece that reflects our own features like our hands encourages reflection on our own experience. We also know many of us in isolation craved greenery and something to help us fill in our time and the hand planter provides just that.


We have reintroduced our NYC range for those who can't stop thinking about travel, but we've also given a nod to our own backyard with pineapple planters and our new seagull.

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