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We’re building a stronger White Moose community by sharing our stockists stories and their top tips for maximising the customer experience. We spent 5 minutes with one of our standout stores to find out why White Moose products are flying out their door, and what they are doing for customers to contribute to their in-store experience.

In the unassuming surrounds of Airport West in Melbourne stands an expansive retail space like no other. A business deeply connected in Anthony De Fazio’s family roots, the concept store was named after his children Xander and Grace almost two years ago. With his background in logistics and online retail, Anthony recognized the quickly evolving area of Airport West as the location for his business venture which would set itself apart from other retailers in the area.

The space features product from only a select few designers, ensuring a cohesive and simple collection. White Moose was one of their first suppliers, and has contributed to the growth and success of the Xander & Grace business. One of the key reasons why White Moose has been so well received by their customer base Anthony explains “there is nothing else like it in the market and it’s so easy to merchandise” adding the “realistic price” is another reason why it appeals to a wide audience.

Anthony elaborates that the “Freshness and Simplicity” of the products from White Moose appeal to the changing trends in interiors which are now becoming more minimal. The simple colour palate of the White Moose range, makes it easy for the customer to envisage it in their space and appeals to this trend. Xander & Grace have found that dedicating a space purely for the White Moose range encourages the customer to “multi-buy” as they are able to easily locate ‘like-for-like’ styles.

In house Visual Merchandiser Sarah curates the in-store spaces with the customer experience in mind, ensuring the flow of foot traffic and colour palettes are kept consistent. Customers are given the freedom to interact with the space, being able to envision their homes through their bold bedroom and living displays. Keeping the colour palette simple is the key in unifying such a large industrial space, updating the colour of shelving to match the key colours of featured product is a simple and cost effective way to support this style of merchandising.

Sharing the Xander & Grace retail space and operated by Nick is The Pot Project, which also promotes customer interaction. After the customer shops the Xander & Grace space, they find themselves in a sea of greenery, where they have the opportunity to select their own plants and match it to a pot of their desired size and colour.

It is no secret Xander & Grace and The Pot Project are getting a lot of attention on social media. With the retail industry evolving, each customer has the power to influence their own personal audience. The presence of each customer in a store is important, but with modern technology it’s equally as important to acknowledge your unassuming customer may have thousands of followers who could influence a wider audience to discover your store. ‘No photo’ signs in store are becoming a thing of the past, now with customers encouraged to interact with stores and provide free marketing by sharing your space on social platforms. To have memorable and visually captivating space ensures it appeals to the social media savvy customer.

It is now more important than ever to deliver competitively priced on trend products, in spaces that encourage interaction. To give your customers a memorable experience will not only make them return, but encourage your customers to promote your business to their own audiences.

Xander & Grace

Shop 3, 67B Matthews Ave
3042 Airport West, Victoria




Our Top Merchandising Tips
  • Create a simple and consistent colour palette
  • Display products in cohesive collections to encourage like-for-like styles
  • Provide an interactive space where customers can envisage the display in their own home
  • Encourage social posting and ensure you are found by having your store name, account handle and/or hangtag on display


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